Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters Cover

We have had a wonderful response to the beautiful cover for Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters, our sincere thanks are again extended to Dallon August (cover artist) and Erin Nicols of Smartwork Creative (cover designer).

We acknowledge that for many, the inclusion of mountains on the cover is somewhat of a surprise. In reality, there are several mountains in the Kerikeri surrounds and even more within the wider reaches of the Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters volume. Mountains are highly significant to Māori and, while sometimes they may seem more hill-like than mountainous to the untrained eye, it is the events attached to the mountain that signify its mana.

We love working with designers because of their ability to translate an idea into a visual image. The stylistic representation of the Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters mountains on the cover emphasises their importance, and the overall effect enhances the idea of flow from mountains to river to sea.

The mountains referenced in the volume are marked on the book’s map designed by Jill Creighton and include: Tokerau, Rākaumangamanga, Ōrongo, Whakataha and Pokākā.

Te Rohe Ripo Wai | The Boundary of Swirling Waters (map by Jill Creighton)

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