This is the home of Pavlova Press, an independent publishing company based in Kerikeri, New Zealand. Our aim is to collaborate with writers who spare no effort to produce quality work but who have had limited success following traditional publishing routes. In 2022, we will be open for two or three very short submission periods. Note that windows may open with short notice so be sure to follow us here or on Facebook to stay informed. Our submission form is available to download now to enable you to prepare in advance. The submission form and terms and conditions are on our Submissions page. Please only send us work during submission periods.

Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters

Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters is a multi-genre anthology in te reo Māori and English which explores the uneven terrain of Kerikeri and its history, from the pā to the store, from the warrior to the gardener, from the chain-mail coat to the black singlet to the Māori Battalion tie pin, from the orchards to the river banks, from the airport to the Old Packhouse Market and the galleries. It is a beautiful, undulating landscape of poems, ultra-short stories, interviews and histories from writers with a Kerikeri connection, including Glenn Colquhoun, Fiona Kidman, Piet Nieuwland, Vivienne Plumb, Vaughan Rapatahana, Briar Wood and others.

Books are available direct from Pavlova Press at admin@pavlovapress.co.nz ($25 excl GST, postage will be added if necessary), or from Fishpond, using the purchase button below.

Scoria: Short prose from the cinder cone
by Kathy Derrick and Jac Jenkins

“It is near noon in the orchard and small passions of petals are bursting spring into the air.
Or perhaps it’s mid-afternoon …”

What happens when two sisters, who grew up under a cinder cone mountain, put their writing talents together? The answer is Scoria—a compilation of short prose pieces that explore the scoriac “small bubbles and glassy fragments” of life.

Two clever sisters … construct brief, extremely pithy fables concerning separation and regeneration. Their joint imaginations run amok in this conjuring trick of a collection—at times wicked bitch brutal, at other times fairy modmother magical. But always superbly crafted nuggets of hypnogogia. He pukapuka iti rawa.
Vaughan Rapatahana





Pavlova Press thanks everyone who submitted work for the pavlova volume of short prose and poetry. We are currently working through submissions and will contact submitters in due course.