Reviews are coming in for Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters

We think Ngā Ripo Wai | Swirling Waters: A Kerikeri Anthology is a fabulous volume that shows real connection between people & place and present & past, so it’s good to know others feel this way too. In this post, we share extracts from two reviews and will share more as they come to hand. If you know of anyone who would love this book, then please share this post with them.

Kete Books (online)

“Kerikeri is a vital landmark in my memory banks, so it is with delight I read Ngā Ripo Wai: Swirling Waters, an anthology of multi-genre writings linked to the area. … The opening piece, ‘Te Riu o Ngāti Rēhia’, stands as a mihi, welcoming us to writing that embraces place, people, experience, history and memory from multiple points of view. There is Tokerau Mountain, Kororipo Pā, Kerikeri River, the iconic stone store, the inlet, various mission houses, the arts communities. The physicality of place is enhanced by the way place is peopled; layered with complex and at times conflicting histories and experiences.… The anthology is structured like a piece of music that allows distinctive notes, chimes, chords, tones, ideas.… It begins with the local and it makes the local significant as it celebrates complexity, connection, creativity.… As readers and writers, we are breathing in and out the possibilities of words.”
Paula Green

North & South Magazine (February 2022, p88-89)

“This commendable anthology … attempts to do justice to the many facets of Kerikeri, and in general achieves that aim. It digs much deeper than the tourist-friendly establishments … As Lynne Hill’s untitled poem says: “history looks different here”.…One of the most attractive features of the anthology is the wide variety of contributors.… Dallon August’s beautiful cover artwork of a landscape with pou, shrouded in a mist that evokes the living presence of history and the need to make things clear sets the tone perfectly.”
Paul Little

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